Forest Scent
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Forest Scent is mainly about the sharing of maintaining the health and beauty in natural way by using essential oils, herbs or plant extracts.

The name of the Forest Scent is derived from the concept of Phytoncide. Phytoncide generally means the aroma of the forest. In Latin, “phyton” means plants and “cide” means exterminate. It is a substance emmitted by plants and trees to protect themselves from diseases and harmful insects or germs.

Walking in the forest, we breathe in the aroma emitted by the plants. We not only feel refreshed, mind cleared, but also have stress relieving effect. We need to thanks to the positive actions from phytoncides and the wonderful of nature.

The essential oil, herbs and plant extracts are the same concept as phytoncide, the phytochemical of the plants are able to enhance our immune system, and has the properties of anti-microbial, anti-inflammation, antioxidant and stress-relieving effect beneficial to our mankind.

Therefore, I would like to welcome you to the world of plants!